Saturday, March 12, 2016

Complete Reference to Setting Mind to Manual Mode in 21 days

Ever wondered or thought that most of our peoples  mind are in Auto-Pilot mode ? One or the other thougths just keeps on coming , whatever gives us pleasure we seek to perform those activities only. Rest of the activities which gives us pain we try to refrain from it. Most of us have Mind in Auto Pilot mode.How can we set it to manual.

Setting Mind to Manual Mode:

Learn from Everyone:

You will be destined to meet people whom you highly appreciate, people whom you hate and people whom you are neutral with.  Learn  from everyone, all the best things , keep your mind active, dont let it wander away towards temporary pleasure. Always remember temporary pleasure leads to permanent Pain. Learn even from the best and the worst people. From the best people learn how to be the best and from the worst learn 'How to avoid such worst situations'


You are destined to meet people for what you are.So know yourself. Where do you stand.Once you are aware of yourself start taking notes on how can you change, what needs to be changed.Network with Like Minded people and People  of all ages from small children till the oldest one and learn from their activities. Network with people who are more wiser then you. Gain insights from their experience.Take out the best qualities out from them.


Exercise daily early Morning. It helps you activate you mind and body and by consistently practising it for 21 days, you can see how you are able to control your mind..Based on your Limitatons try to exhaust yourself. Try to increase up your limitation. Tap into the infiniti. Intially you just took 1 round of jogging next day try 2 rounds slowly try to increase it. Try to exercise your entire body.Also try to remove stiffness, Improve your flexibility, try Cycling, Swimming, Trekking, Yoga Whatever Interests you. This is one of the best ways of cleansing your body.

EAT Healthy:

We all are servants of our tounges. Even I am. You can say this is everybody's weak point including me.But these days, I am managing to get over it.Most probably have raw organic vegetables and fruits.But I fail on 5th or 6 th day, then again I instruct my mind. Somehow I have managed to be a vegetarian and now curbing on avoiding outside Junk Oily food.Try to have Sattvick food which is less spicy , not much of a salt , organic and make sure you have breakfast and Lunch like a King and Dinner like a beggar. Also make sure you observe some fastings. For instance People do fastings on Monday for Lord Shiva, some follow Ekadashi for two days in a month. Remember We are what we eat.
Our Body is supposed to be the temple and not the graveyard, so stop feeding dead animal.

Avoid Intoxicants like Tea/Coffee/Coke as much as possible.

Work Hard:

Whatever you do put your 100% into it. Take yourself out from Mode of Ignorance  to Mode Of Passion. Even if you hate doing something or doing out of Majboori, find ways of loving that work.
Device techniques to simplify it.If you find ways to Work smart implement it. Problem today is most of us are stuck working hard which we dont enjoy,same is my condition , but I just keep up adding lighter moments like a small Joke, take assistance from colleagues, delegate some work.

But Work hard does that really motivates us ?

I feel no.All of them are working hard,  I would rather redefine it , make work as a Play. Like when we were small kids, we used to enjoy playing and never used to get tired. Likewise that should be our strategy, we should make Work fun. then only Work will be worth motivating. Have no expectations or output from the Work whether , it will be a success or failure.

Stay Strong:

Most of the time there are tendencies, that our mind cheats us, makes us stray to the darker regions. That time we have to bring in our intelligence in between and not let our mind cheat us.Like Whatever goals you have set up for yourself, make sure you striclty follow it. Stay Strong Physically as well as Mentally.

Mental pain is the most difficult thing then physical pain, since most of them dont want to think out from their comfort Zone.All are in Auto Mode these days.All thanks to the technological advancements and comfortable lives.We are not even aware How the Televisions/Computers/Smartphones drain out awareness.

So find ways to stay Strong, reduce stuff that distracts you the most.. Keep your body physically active most of the times.

Build Faith:

Have Faith in the presence of the Supreme Divine. Always pray to him to get the supreme love from God Head. Whatever Good or Bad experiences you face, just know that his plans are for  your own betterment.

Have faith and at the same time, make sure that you try to become the first class person by being Truthful, Compassionate, Humble, Tolerant.These are the four Pillars which will increase your faith and make you eligible to feel divines presence.

This will help you seek Ultimate peace and Happiness.

Worry Less:

We all have heard worry leads you to no where.Its just like a rocking chair. One of the key aspects on making yourself worry less is improving each and everyday little by little, becoming a little better then before.

Read More:

To be a postive minded person, read more and more good books. For instance 'Chicken Soup for the Soul', 'The day I stopped drinking Milk' , something that touches your heart.Sparks emotion with you.
Motivates you to improve yourself.

For some people seeking into the Spiritual path, surrendering everything to that Supreme all the Vedic literatues be it the Bhagvad Gita, The Holy Bible, Holy Quran helps them make more positive in approach towards life.

Read books, that will help you grow. whether it be your professional/Personal or Spiritual life. Before going to sleep read books that taps in your energy and just observe how your Morning will be intensified.

Be Happy:

Everything is changing in this material world, hence dont have any resentment. Let go off your Guilt, the mistakes you made in the past. Dont have any expectations from anybody.Be responsible for your actions.

Avoid Newspapers, Televisions, Unwanted talks.Be away from Energy drainers. Be in the present Moment and you are simply happy.

Volunteer Freely:

Volunteering  , frees you from Pride and Ego . Volunteering  for old age home, Clean up drive, or just sharing your water bottle makes you mature. Its all about serving others, without having any expectations in return. When you volunteer , you just beome magnetic, people start liking you and they start looking like a leader.They start listening to you.

Relax Often:

Relax !!! rejuviniate yourself  walk in grenary , take a nap, meditate whatever makes you feel Relax.The feeling of Goodness will make you free from anxiety :)

Love Always:

When you love others, it simply reciprocates, from a small ant to an elephant .Love them without having any sort of expectations.Life will be just wonderful. Start loving your work, your enemies, your friends and experience the divine reciprocation. This is called the Mode of Goodness , which is mentioned in Bhagvad Gita and various our Spiritual Books

Live Forever:

When you follow the above mentioned points without having any expectations for Name, Fame and Money and follow your own path.People start noticing you. You start becoming a legend and you live forever.

Morning time at Mulund Mountains Jai Bhole :)

Morning time at Mulund Mountains 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Krshna Vs Buddha

I still remember I was packing a gift for my Father , one was a Golden statue of Krshna having Butter from the Pot and the other one was Laughing Buddha Standing with huge coins around him. I sent him via some Professional courier services along with a letter which conveyed my love for him(When you are Homesick and staying in PG  with wrong set of people love for your family automatically rushes in with multiplied intensity ). The third day I got a call.

You know how typical South Indian Dads are. If you dont, let me explain you, they are very loud in speaking, sometimes they are so intense that they forget to listen what we have to convey. But they are very lovable in nature and much more smarter then we ever expect them to be.Being from the Hotel Line they know how to manage people and most of all they are good in calculating things mentally. Where we so called educated people need calculators these days.

So getting back to the point, I got a call from my Dad stating that the legs of laughing Buddha has cracked up, since Krishna shifted might be due to transportation and the Flute part just bashed Buddha's leg.

At that time since I was initally visiting ISKCON Bangalore more frequently attending Bhagvatam classes, taking association of devotees and enjoying delicious Prasadam everyday. I thought(or had intuition ) Krshna might be angry one me and  he is trying to pass on information that he is the Supreme personality as mentioned in the Bhagvad Gita.

I still have those Two statues right in front of me :) and when i see them i get a laugh at myself , that I was comparing two same things. call Krishna >> Buddha or Buddha >> Krishna  both are one. They are All attractive.  and when one is All attractive you call him Supreme personality.

 so what exactly do you mean by all attractive. It means that one is very beautiful, Very Rich, Very Powerful, All Famous and at the same time completely renounced.

So why exactly we approach such great personalities in form of dieties or breath or Mantra Meditation. Most probably I have seen (Including myself sometimes )  is to miraculously get some desires fulfilled.

But the main aim of deity Worshiping, Focusing on Breath or Mantra Meditation is mainly related to controlling the mind or taming once Mind.

Trying to reduce once desire.

Increasing your awareness.
Simple Living High Thinking.
Changing your old Habit patterns.
Improving your Intuitions.
Developing Love and Compassion for others(including an Ant).
Being Selfless.
Controlling your own senses.
Being in Mode of Goodness

and ultimately knowing the Supreme Divine and experiencing his reciprocation

. So how do you become Fit or eligible to know him:

First thing is Start with cleansing your body. I am not talking about taking bath , which I am very much sure that you all do it everyday.

Try to wake up early Morning(If possible by 4:00 AM this is known as Bramhamurta time). FOR that you make sure you sleep early too.

Once awake with full attention try  either Mantra Mediation or Breathing Medition, in either case make sure you are uttering the mantra attentively or focusing on your breath.  Believe me it is the most difficult thing since thousands of Random thoughts will come up the moment you start doing it. This is what people call Maya or Illusionary Energy  which refrains most of the people from knowing Spirituality

Do some Physical excersices like a Simple Surya Namaskar to Swimming , trekking , Yoga as per your capacity and slowly increase it. You will feel refreshed, rejuvinated, light weight, once you start consistently doing it. This will keep your body activated for the entire day.

Make sure you have  Breakfast and Lunch heavily but in the evening time eat less as much as possible. If possible try to change your eating habits like eat less spicy food. Avoid Non-Vegetarian as much as possible. Since Non-Veg is mode of Ignorance. Avoid Alcohol again this comes under Mode of Ignorance. Slowly once you start Spirtual practises you will be surprised that your food intake capacity will slowly decrease. You will automatically be attracted towards Sattvick Food. Sattvick means Mode of Goodness. Sattvick food includes Fruits and Vegetables.

When I used to stay in ISKCON Hostel Sattvick food was like which that was offered to Lord Krshna having a Tulsi leaf over it. I could automatically observe that my agitation has gone down and my Craving for NonVeg Items was automatically Nullified. It was called Prasadam. Since Bhakti just entered into that food. When I used to taste Prasadam it was simply 'Out of the World'.

Even Steve Jobs gave lecture at Stanford University on How he loved walking a Mile at Hare Krishna Temple just to have one plate of delicious meal. Complete Video reference mentioned below. 
[I would walk the 7 Miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna Temple -Steve Jobs]

Once you are able to cleanse your body with the above mentioned points , which ofcourse takes persistence and your commitment towards it.

Second comes is the Mind:

I would recommend avoid News Papers and Televisions as much as possible. Try reading or hearing some good books . Listen to some good Music that gives you peace. Some of my favorite books I read so far:

Power of  Subconcious Mind
Bhagvad Gita As it Is
The Day when i stopped drinking Milk
Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Just by reading these books certain extent I started meeting Like minded people like ISKCON Banglore devotees, Sandeep Maheshwari-CEO of Images Bazaar and to my surprise I kept on visiting so many awesome people when  I was least expecting them to visit. Emotions [Energy in Motions were all set  just by reading these books.]

 Just think when you start meditating on your breath or doing Mantra meditation at this state how much effective it will be. Incase you dont understand remember one thing Taste of the pudding lies in when one tries tasting it rather then hearing from somebody else.

Try to have elevating Flash Mob with Like Minded People creating Positivity

Try Vipasanna [Below Video shows transformations within Criminals]


Join FOLK(Friends of Lord Krishna) ISKCON Hostel for all Working and  Studying Professionals. Since association plays a very important role . Understand what is Bhakti Yoga . 

Crush your False EGO

So you are Senior Manager, Senior Anaylst, QA , Software Engineer, Senior Executive, Director Head, Actor, Vice President, Call Center Executive, Security Anaylst, HR, Watchman

What if death comes suddenly..what are you now suddenly Just a heap of Body having blood mucus and  mere bones. What happened to your designations, your property.

The below Video will give you an Hint finally how to get rid of False ego.

Please feel free to write me back about how you felt about my blog and your experience on practising the above points that I have mentioned.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Harihar Trekking

Harihar Trekking .... Its Good to be in the Company of Most Experienced People... because from them you get the right Knowledge.