Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Makes a Good Programmer?

Besides Hardwork or being passionate any guesses?

Well i am not being cynical ,if thats what in your mind

If you guessed getting strange errors while compiling anything
You Might just be workiing hardd to be a program GURU

If you are guessing Being a failure in life

Well.....Just might me a possibilty that you are really smart in your own manner with a hope of showing something new that the world has never seen before...dope..(Well simpson's got a weird sense of humour or either i am not that smart to understand what is he trying to convey)..Can Homer simpson be a good programmer with his weird quote which we just saw in his comic bubble talk...Am i being Cynical to even think him as a programmer....some questions (Sigh...) are difficult to answer, even by the directors of simpsons :P

Strange to see most of the failuers in life actually made it to the top and created their own remarks in this modern age .

Bill gates himself admits that he was a dropout from MIT and will not come on a speech during Orientation ,as it may be a bad influence to bright as well as dull students

Well so what makes a good programmer....

  • Hard Work
  • Being a failure(not intentionally ,just you cant understand the Strange words)
  • byhearting things...(Thats Highly not recommended )
  • making big stupid mistakes more often
  • spoon feeding from professional experts
  • Suffering from some mental disorder(how cruel but true)
  • Debating with other people..???
  • Not caring what people have to say :)


  1. we go for success and find errors, lets try the other way round, hope vice versa is true....

  2. vice versa as in ?? go for errors and find success?

  3. hy a s/w engineer has to balance his life in an effective manner
    like taking some rest in the weekends, meeting friends,keepin cool at work, not panicking at difficult situations at workplace!!!
    finally say ALLL IJJJ WELLLLLLL