Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brain Vs Mind

Ever Wondered why you are thinking something else when theres a Big Book in front of you and your exams are just around the corner.... and when Exams come, Baaaaam you just do Night shift trying to absorb as much as answers as possible and your parents end up thinking you really are working hard... In the end you end up fooling yourself, though you might passout the exams you will never understand the true meaning to understanding stuff....

Some times people in this position end up blaming themselves that they are not that smart to understand stuff and this is the very bad notion....Its not their fault after all..For instance the words mentioned in the books are so complicated that most people loose interest in studies or whatever..the way the knowledge should be presented is not there..Very few get lucky when they get the right teacher or the one with good photographic memory, but the rest Just give up hope.....

Absorbing real Knowledge is all about:
Understanding Things and once you understand it it will always remain in your long term memory.You dont need to Memorize stuff or need a photographic Memory for that

But you need to develop an art of Understanding It:

Number 1: Always remember learn things by doing it

When you start doing it practically it all becomes crystal clear and stuff that seemed to be a Rocket-Science, gets simplified

Most of our elders in India dont know how to operate Computers

Why ...????
Simply because they never tried to even switch it on...they are dependant on us Youngsters to teach us how to Operate it..But once we teach them no matter how matter it is simplified it to them they still find it difficult just because they are dependant on us
Same is with us too sometimes, dont know why they teach us how to cook food....they constantly keep on supervising and constantly ordering incase we get wrong kind of ingredients and in that manner we too get dependant on them for more suggestions and we never improvisee....

Our Brain and Mind are in an Epic battle....Our Brain still is not aware that we live in a Computer age... All it can think about is Food, Clothes, Shelter and Sex... Your Brain always pays attention to something weird things, something dellusional..Yesterday when travelling by Bus itself I could not Cntrl Myself starring at Vidya Balan's Big promotional Banner for 'Dirty Pitcure' Movie, rest all the Promotional Banners were like almost invisible for me....

Our Mind thinks X is important , but our brain thinks X is not important Food, sleep ,clothes etc are important.

I still remember my first lecture, it sucked big time I can see some of my Students feeling sleepy .The second time I made My lectures kind of Conversational , Bringing up Shaharuk Khan's topic in order to explain what precendence means in Java..I was very happy at that moment Because i knew how to trick the brain and make students understand stuff , by mixing up with some Bollywood Movie or provide some weird example, but make sure it makes sense, else you know improper Knowledge can have a devastating effects...

"Why this Kolaveri" promos song is an Instant Hit... Why???? All beacuse our brains are interested in seeing Weird things Most of us dont even know tamil yet we love to hear it

Even Rajnikanth Jokes are a great hit all beacuse Our brain loves Weird stuff

So in order to understand Boring stuff Just trick your Brain by telling urself a story mapping them with the stuff you actually want to understand and your Subconcious Mind will successfully be able to absorb stuff

Try it out, let me know your New ideas on tricking your Brains to understand Boring therotical stuff's

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