Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paying Guest Experience.

Hi Folks, here I am sharing some Not so Unique Experience , because most of the students/ Engineers and Software professionals have experienced this, the moment they get Location Transfer. The first main challenge itself is searching for a good Paying Guest accomodation.Trust me its not so easy I had to change 4 Rooms, in search of getting something reasonable. The first room was very horrible... this was the day when I was first introduced to bed Bugs. The owner unecessarily took  1000 Rs as advance and made me suffer for 2 days.  I shouted at him the third day for not keeping the room clean and worst of all the bathroom  and when I started asking for 1000 rs back, he said it wont be possible and he started backfiring as if I owe him something.For the first time I Came to know why he is Ugly..because of his Karma. I took all my luggage which is almost like lifting a heavy rock and  started  searching near to Brookfield ,where I saw an  Posh Society with full of amenities , but to my misfortune The fat woman owner told me to pay 6000 advance +Rent 6000+500 advance for the first day. I payed 500 and started calculating how much savings will happen how much will i be able to spend and how much il be able to send,I saw my entire Salary going. The very next day I started pondering my area  checking for some cheap room and while searching, a thought came in my mind that a friend of mine is staying here I called him and came to know that he is paying only 3700 and its near to his room only. After coming to his room only I came to know about his little evil plan, he wanted to get rid of one of his  irritating bald room mate who liked to take bath without soap and his hairfall was  very much visible on the floor.But here was another twist, I had to pay 80,000 Rs. to that room mate that he has given to the main owner, so that he can leave without questioning for the security deposit.That was really horrible experience, I felt that my own friend is using the very next day , I left him and since then I never saw him again.Fortunatly , I have taken all my luggage to my friends house and now I safely went to that fat lady's house to get my 500 Rs Back.. She started giving me big lecture.

"I trust you , you trust me.... U good, I good.. U bad I bad", fat lady replied.
"Ok ok ", I replied.
"Now you need to pay 6000 or else yout luggage stays here", fat lady replied.
"Ok, Il pay you, let me get it from the ATM", I replied.
As i was about to leave she saw that my luggage is already gone and she informed the security to stop me on the Gateway.5-6 sercurity guards holded me to the exit point , as if I stole something. I theathened the security to call the Police.Looking at my angry face and at my tone the security got scared and let me go.

After sometime I shifted to a Bengali PG , paying 6000.Unfortunately my roommate was a Smoker and I warned him that I dont want his smoke to breathe in the room as I am also paying the rent.From that day he stopped smoking. But as time went by, I felt as if he is ordering me , like close the door , keep your mobile volume low etc, but I took it lightly. The very next day he was browsing his Laptop late night and I had office the very next day, I was expecting him to switch of f the light  by 11:30 pm but this went on  till 1 Am  in the night. Loosing my patience, I shouted at him and forcibly shut down the light , again he switched it on and I simply slapped him out of rage. The Owner came, the lad also being a bengali, he supported him very much and threathened me not to touch our Bengali brothers.My first slap has changed him very much :P he used to switch off light by 10:30 PM and do his work in his laptop. After six months , I moved to One Reddy's PG which was  a 20 minute away from my office.The PG is brand new and as of now , I am enjoying staying there except for the Telugu guy who lacks Sense of  Understanding, by keeping Telugu Movie/Songs in High volume without caring if others are getinng disturbed.If i on the other hand do the same thing , he will start giving a big lecture.Here also he forced me to have a Verbal fight, from that moment he is quite, even I avoid speaking with him else he will take me for granted and start speaking nonsence.
I guess almost many people must have experienced this.Please share yours if you feel that yours is somewhat interesting then mine  :D

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