Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hmmm......Life on Internet

Well with the introduction of Worldwideweb life has become much more become simpler for industrial world and nowadays i am pretty much sure that it has become a house hold commodity.....well i was always against Internet connection and always used to say My dad its nothing but a waste of money and we are just student so no need of it .Because my bro wanted internet for (just for orkut and facebook)no reason....he always used to convice dad and finally he was successful(reason:he scored 74% in School board exams )...well ,the day internet connection was enabled with unlimited scheme i was living the edge of my life downloading tonns of softwares.orkuting,chatting via different applications etc..and later i heard about the software application named Garena through which i can play alll my games online and the first game i played online was counter strike....nice one....literaaally got addicted to it..anyways internet reaallly has a greeat deal of info...and as far as i know i literaaally have used google search to search everything and i think its the best search engine i ever come acrossed...while surfing i came across the concept of forums,blogging....and advertising which i was either unaware or just read in the theory management books...i Simply wonder how much google earns for just one search???????....i do remember whenever i was free i would go to my friends house or to cyber or sometimes go to college lab to check my scraps in orkut or my mails in yahoo....and recently i just came to know about how cool is that now ...start ur download....pause ur download at a particular time...and start downloading later again...and while surfing i came acrooss the best forums for java now hows cool is that now.....anyways we always have our darker side (dont no about girls though)...and anyways its a very comman thing visitin explicit sites..(I meant only normal not addicted to it though)...Recently i was able to access my friends desktop through Teamviewer software and was typing in his notepad that i am a virus and going to destroy your data he was literally scared ....hahaha...the very funny thing i observerd in the net is that people act differently when online and as differently as we meet them...strange in a funnny way but true....friends share all their deeepest darkest secrets with a stranger rather then a good friend...(now thats Internet connecting strangers hahaha)....well i had so many known friends in orkut...and was just surfing my friend's friends list just to see if he has any of my friends whom i havent added..and just saw a girls display pic...she was so pretty that i thought of adding her and did add her , for the first 4 days i didnt get any reply from her but on the fourth day she scrapped me "do i know you?".. I straitaway started chatting wid her (well dont want to diclose her name though).....
i talked to her late nite... and in between she said "now stop flirting go to sleep"....well i was suprised ,i didnt knew i was flirting wid a normal chatting conversation ...(well i took it as a compliment)...and later i came to know through her that i know her mom she works in the staff and helped me a lot during admission process in one of the best school in Mumbai.....well we also exchanged numbers....we talked for hours if we are gf/bf hahaha anyways shes like a small sister 2 me but i like talkin with her a lot....see the power of internet we chat things that we couldnt think of talking about...or vice versa....I also tried to woo her but it was of no use i landed up getting a rakhi scrap on my orkut profile... hahaha..anyways she chatted with me for long hours and after a month she mails me "dude my Internet bill came its charging me 5000 bucks me screwed up ,moms very irate"

"Chill yaar i think it must be some sort of mistake,unlimited scheme mein its impossible... just call the call center and sort it out re"is what i said to her...

"hmmm....god knows re i'll tell my dad to do it hes good in bashing call center people"

"haaaa re Meow tell your dad and let me know what happened"

"Shut up dumbbum dont call me dog"

well i had loads of fun chatting with her..and most of my collegues and college friends started calling me orkut boy...haha..and while surfing i came across lots of unknown things about seeds and leeches(well its used in torrents...) ,whats Wikipedia ,and how to upload youtube videos,from where to download free softwares etc.. ..Well you can abuse Strangers/enemies who you hate the most without getting punched on your face and propose anybody without fearing of getting slapped...ummm but just be careful of bugs or viruses when opening any chat site or web page....install some computer specific anti-viruses,or spyware and take care that the configuration of firewalls are not altered when installing any new applications

..The best thing about internet is that it makes you be open with your strangers and has a great deal of information(processed data-->ahem ahem i knw some technical terms hehe)

and the worst thing is that it might make you hostile

....well with voice talk in gtalk its really fun chating with pals...and goes funny when we chat with foreigners with american accent they say "I'm unable to understand you"


  1. hey its good!whr did u get it??

  2. its really good...i must say if u hav written it..good going boy!!

  3. cooooooooolllllllllllll man vishal itz really gud

  4. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... thank u ppl.... its so gud to see my shishya getting appreciated... keep it up vishal...!! n continue getting inspired by me...!