Thursday, October 29, 2009

College Politics

Now here comes some utterly nonsense topic but interesting for uninteresting people (i mean even uninterested people will start reading)...Now here where all the bitching starts as soon as you enter your college with your innocent mind knowing nothing about the outside world,making you vulnerable and eventually one might end up doing something wrong..for those who are entering their junior college just concentrate on studies in order to avoid nuisance but dont make your college days dry do have some something masalapan in your college ..try to be stupid ,be insulted at times because it might help you a wrong things at a time because college is what you can compare it to another bigboss or roadies.You entering jr college and someone says here comes the new meat or apna bakra aya aaj..what will you do ignore ,be rude ,abuse ..well that depends on tottallly you and from where you come from..some are proud of their religion,ssome are proud of their bhaigiri,some think they are superior within this whole mess the innocent mind gets corrupted and literally becomes unstable making him think
"why are people so rude??"...

When we enter our college we tend to cling to those groups which we are most comfortable with:

The GEEKS(padaku)with other geeks
sSportsperson with other sports athlete
some rich slut with some other rich bitch
and this is how the list goes on and is never ending

and when groups are formed then interaction with other group occurs and now this is where the whole bitching plays the role just to make that group feel superior within themselves..NOw thats college starting to play mind games alongwith might not know some1 bitching about u behind ur back for strange reasons:

he/she likes u
he/she jealous of u for no reason
he/she just wanted to get the whole crowd attentionnn
and a long list goes on henceforth

first thing people do in college pretend to be busy even if they are not ....
Tend to be nice at your face but laugh like a laughing hyena with that ugly smiling voice which might make you feel bad if u knew that they are laughing at you behind your back...

just remember college is wherre things get messy but if u have the best professors u simply forget all the sluttynesss ur college politics is going to provide

remember college politics is like a lousy neighbour always ready to fight for no reasonnnn


  1. wel seems dat dis is a woman's point of view....

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