Monday, January 25, 2010

Better to be an Employee then to rule them

PS: Whatever i am going to write is my own ideas and views,Might be wrong or misleading so..(just might be) so just read it twice before implementing any of my morals :P.Its your life after all
Sounds really like a non-optimistic way of approaching a life or you must just hear people say "You are really cynical" ,when you utter like this

you: "Proud to be the employee and not the boss "

well? strange to digest but infact it must just be a debatable type of a conversation...

What comes in your mind when you hear the word boss? hmmm...will give you only five seconds to guess not more not less
Times up

WELL let me guess what did you think having the Power,isnt it?

With great powers comes great responsibility
-courtesy Ben Parker :P

NOw what the hell is this pic doing here---------------------------

whos the boss and whos the employee in this pic?

a.) Boss is the old spidey uncle
b.) all the chicks(i mean the hens baby not the babes sittin in the car) are the employee

c.) all the people in the car are the employees??

d.) Very weird
e.) None of these

Answering to this question in the best logical format carries marks :P...If you think i am out of options or being cynical to write such blogs , you are very much welcomed to add some suggestions in the comment section..

For you the word boss sounds like power ,but for me its like a zombIe??

Now here the baby is the employee
cats the customer and the movie
the baby watched(ZombieLand) is the boss

Now see the boss really made the employee eat up the customer braainzzz.Now thats Business :)

well i hope you got the point i was trying yo convey,if not please dont pressurise yourself by reading it again and again as this is not your board or any international certification exam ..

In simple technical terms i can only say is that employee are the smartest ,dynamic machines and the main backbone for any companies
Boss are like rigid ,heartless (sometimes clueless) with a cold look at you with no idea how to implement things in real life...

Only thing they are good in are

  • Making rules and regulations
  • Blah blah blah (trash talk)
  • firing people(how rude... :( )

and the list is never ending


  1. good1 vish...u have made a valid point.. :)

  2. hey thts really sumthng different...........U making mind thnk n work on it....

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  4. its good ,very rarely anyone can imagine it.i liked it.

  5. :) @ arti kya baat hai first time meri tarriff hehe

  6. @Mayur,flora,shalu and arti thanks for sparing ur 5 minutes for readin my blog :),really appreciate it.

  7. send this link to ur boss....he will make u boss and be ur employee...

  8. good n great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u dne a creative job superb!