Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now that's a life

Life is Hard is what you will heard from all the people around you..

Ya its true, but why to go babbling about it here and there.Despite having everything one saying that phrase might just be like finding excuses for something..
Just being born doesnt makes you have a life..Its just like saying just because you are healthy (happy go lucky) you are alive....

Life is hard only when you are in the wrong foot,unable to understand anything,feeling like a dumbest person alive on this very planet.

Do bees complaint about their life???
They just enjoy when they are outside their beehive flying like free kite without caring that a truck or car might just crumble them like a chutney(indian sauce)

and whenever they see the flower they just go to collect the sweet nectar, no Rupees,Dollars,Yen,Zen etc traded between beees and flower..The only thing traded is

just a simple thanks to each other(in an indirect way ),just to show an appreciation for keeping both the species alive for generation to generation....

Being born with nothing is something reallly to be i luck then being born with a silver spoon...

poor chap learns so muchhh in his downs that he can reallly understand that "life is hard" ,rather then just saying it

...while on the other hand the branded rich filt just keeps on getting whatever he needs..with no iidea what Life actually stands for..
Why do people pray ?just because they dont have the answer for their existence..


  1. it's nice thought .....but i m finding u on negative side of each thing....what ever u written is v.good,till it's just ur thinking or ur ability to see the other/darker side of any subject having physical,social,or logical existance.but it's not good /could be dangerous if u applying the thoughts / ve that feeling towarrds ur life.....u ca n be novelist yaar writting sahi he teri... :-) Cameo Real Dimond

  2. its good.........i liked specially the bee wala paragraph

  3. @chaitu experienced negative part of life is reallly like being lucky and most of all recovering from it, whatever you said is right i did had my highs and lows but afterall it is for my own good..Its not like that i am -ve about my life i am just sharing whateever i have seen around me