Monday, April 5, 2010

still acting like a Kiddo

"Vishal Abhi bhi tujme bachpana hai ,sudhar jaao", sir replied.

Suddenly a think bubble popped out of my head "What the hell??,so what if i still act like a kid."

"ok sir i will try to be as serious as possible" , I replied in a decent manner.

The next day my college sir told us to read the Water flow diagram,which ofcourse was totally boring and so started chating with my partner

Sir with red faced shouted"Hegde,read".

I stood up and started reading

"Areee,Hegde baithke padd arram se ,bacha hai kya..."

Again a think bubble just appeared on my head..... with a sentence saying ,"why are people refereing me as kidoo"

Is it an insult or people really appreciate your kiddoness still at ur teenage...

shalu: yaar vish act like a kid dont be serious all the time.....

now this what shalu suggested me who is one year younger ,hyperactive who keeps on babling all the time for no reason and in my opinion her babbling suits her nature ,but will it suit some other intellectual or some other average smart, still very optimistic person like me.

Yesterday itself:

My co -employee: "Bala ahhe atta pan"

I really took it as a compliment from my perspective ,donno about the perspective other way around.

Still really confused how one gets so serious,one of my friend who was very cynical like me turned into silent sophisticated slick talker guy after completion of his MBA.

STRANGE I think aliens from outer spaces are targetting MBA STUDENTS BY entering into their brains and making them mechanical

Well just apparently seen people when they are successful in their tasks they either generate ego in their brain cells or just start ignoring people below their status ..well sounds reasonable,but being that much serious at that phase really wont make any one look lovable ..

Well when you act like a kid,its like you are being yourself showing your own version of yourself and that what is required every now and then as life is short. aree average 80 saal mein hi sab log ludak jaate hai(In English: people tend to ludkofy...ohh srry no such word as ludkofy in the dictionary,I mean most of the people tend to die at the age of 80 ).


  1. arre bachha banke rahega to bhi 80 saal ka hoga hi kabhi na kabhi...
    nweays no point to change urself until u r comfertable with be cool nd rock the world....

  2. yup i do agree with ur Sir...u r still a kid :P....just kidding...way to go always it was a nice topic. :)

  3. u r a corporate personnel now, so i guess uve no more a kid!!!

  4. d main responsibilty aftr u bcm growup is 2 bhv more lik a kid... coolllllllllll mannn b d same

  5. well said as life is short we have to enjoy it to our fullest,let it be like a kiddo...and abt u i dont think a kid can have such thought...