Monday, May 17, 2010

Beauty of Life

For almost 1 hour i was waiting at the Sonapur bus stop in the afternoon 1pm in the scorching heat ,sweating like hell and luckily i saw the BST bus approaching.

The bus was over crowded and somehow i became the part of the crowd so as to reach my office in time.

"Pudhe chala(go forward)",the conductor scolded ..

The ugly voice of the conductor was really an Irritation to my ears and hence to avoid it went to the front and was standing in an awkward position so as to blend within the crowd ,avoiding trampling on others foot.

It was my daily routine and now it has been an habit travelling under such harsh conditions,

I think the daily routine of mine had made me eligible to be the Host for Net Geo Wild Life.

Anyways Getting back to my senses the moment i was in the crowded bus, figthing for some space to stand..I saw something really simply awesume stuff that litted up a smile on my face..

I saw an elder man sitting on the seat holding her 3 year old daughter who was asleep on his lap,protecting her from the crowd and making her feel comfortable on his lap...

I dont know for what reason i liked the view and that too standing between the crowd in an awkward position..

But i guess thats the most beautiful part of life when theres somebody to care for you.


  1. You have flair for writing, however, attention is required towards improvement of grammar.

  2. Nice one dude....
    Ur writing wonderful.
    I was keenly reading it with interest.