Thursday, February 24, 2011

Team Spirit

To: all my collegues

Subject: !! Party Time !!

Hey guys its party time.Make sure to be present in the canteen at 4:00 pm

I was stuck up in the fancy office chair as two of my collegues have gripped both of my hands and the other fatso one was busy drafting this mail... at times i jerked out my body trying to get out of that chair, but was of no use..I ended up straining up my red muscles...All were having a having a hearty laugh, including me and I was yelling at my team leader not to send that mail, at times i did stood up from chair tried my level best to press the escape key ..but alas they forced me in that chair again.. I was laughing and some tears came out from my eyes
PS: I was not crying

Finaaaaly the mail was sent

"#$%5 , u sent it" , I said and was laughing with them

"This is what happens when u dont lock your computer", my other collegue said and started taunting me.

After few minute my outlook had a new message

From : my collegue

To : Me

For what???

Again i was abducted by my collegues on that Fancy chair and this time he sent some weird respnse.....

"I am Pregnant"
(Well internally we had this joke going on one of my TL who was framing this draft....but I had to pay the price :( )

Later on I was freed up as something technical issue was going on.... where we all became serious on our work and my TL was again pointing out my mistakes as always.

Again was free and mailed to my Collegue

From : Me
to :Collegue


This was hoax and culprits are collegue 1,2,3

Again my other senior Collegue replies to all...(puttin them all in cc)

Frm: Collegue 3

to: me

He made a typo mistake he didnt meant hoax , but hot

observerd some Female Collegues added in CC and i was like ....widened eyes.."#$$#%%%, why did you added them in cc..."

All of them started laughing again like hell(including me....)

Then came N numbers of mails in my personal inbox (which is not suitable to be posted here) and this time those female collegues were not to be found in CC

We had fun and this fun is what bonded us.. this is what we do most of the time pulling legs when free...pointing out mistakes, even if it makes us feel bad and most important thing of all Covering for each others mistakes

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