Saturday, August 28, 2010

How I explained Financial Management !!

Well the boring subject for me was usually MIS. Everytime whenever our Sir used to teach us Manangement subject, i would reserve the last seat for myself and have a healthy sleep..but alas Sir already knew about my inactivity during his lectures... So for him i was a big burden ...Suddenly one day he compelled me to prepare a presentation on financial Management or else he'll fail me in the internals.Having no choice i said yes to him and he gave me time to prepare myself...Finally the time came i was not prepared and the flowchart in some management books were creepy...Well later on i rethought screw the book...I will explain in my own terms...
Finally the Judgement day..standing in front of 60 students.The nervousness and Anxiety was very well seen in my face..i also fumbled in between but later on went up with the flow....
Well my words as far as i remember were like this " expenditure spent whe..n its less then the Money earned ,thats profit and from thats where financial Management originates."
I also came up with some weird example in no time--"Well, consider India as a company ,Rain as a cash which is distributed unevenly based upon the infrastructure and Indian people as employees.... Consider the lakes and the rivers as the cash flow happening within a company and finally the seas and oceans as the giant Fianacial share markets...Now here the Sun's the CEO who takes up some money(Water evaporation..) and later on distributes it to it employee..."Later on added some byherated stuff...was being technical in between."Now thats Financial Management,folks"
The sir was stunned and suprised and complimented for my unique teaching....Well that was really something rare and guess what he had a big smile on his face just looking at me :)

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