Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bird Who couldnt Fly

The Baby bird lied on top of the tree safe and sound in her nest,her innocence not knowing

whats about to come next.

Not knowing her Mother wont come this time the little baby waited for her on the nest.

Time passed by and the little birdy saw his fellowmates fly ..

Following them made him fall down right on the moist Grounds ..

This time his house was far from being visible...She might even have hurt his wing arm

Time passed by she learnt how to survive in the wild...Grown up strong with shiny feathers

all over

Still the baby bird Couldnt Fly...pondering on the sky seeing other birds fly made her Cry

Why cant she fly high?

The very next day the baby bird risked his life diving from the cliff ,his wings flapped but

it was not from her heart, not feeling the freedom of flyin to reach heights and again

falled down right on the bushes.

The Feeling of trying and failing has hurted her from within.

But again she tried , but this time she improvised, avoiding the mistakes she did before

soaring heights on her own.

This time she had a weird sense of feeling within her and that sense was of being pride of her accomplishments

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