Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fate of Corruption

I dont know who is Anna Hazzare ,but i do one thing that bees attract honey to survive and so have these thousands of people have been attracted to Anna's thoughts and ideas about corrupt free India. I am pretty much confident that most of the people in those Non-Violence protests are corrupt to some extent..Most of them even must not have voted for state or central assembly and most of them even must not be having an Idea of what Lokpal Bill actually is.But the very much idea of eradicating corruption has attracted crores of people to join this..

Just a year ago i went to vote with my father and there i observed that almost 90% people were slum dwellers who were bribed 500-1000Rs. to vote for a particular Candidate and so I thought that the democracy defination should be redfined in dictionaries and in school and colleges textbook.

Democracy: For those people who can manipulate other people to vote for a particular Candidate who Must not even be aware of how Democracy Works by paying some sort of incentives.

Frankly my knowledge with respect to democracy sucks and i am also not aware as of the names of the State Ministers, few names I know are Manmohan Singh, Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi etc... but how do they function ? what kind of reports do they maintain? how do they maintain it? to what extent the information mentioned in those reports are correct ?.. I have no Clue.. and so will thousands of people like me accross India not be aware of this and we say we elected those people and we are democratic.
Its a shame that despite of being democratic we are the mere puppets where all kinds of Ministers are playing with us to fill up their pockets.

Luckily i have never been to Govt Offices to get my work done , but my friends have and from them I have heard "to get your Work done instantly you have to bribe them" or else just keep on filling up multiple forms.

We can get rid of Corruption either by

Legalizing it or

Fighting against it

The Number 1 Option seems like resolution for almost everyone....well in that case all of us should stop paying taxes.

The Second Option is some what tedious it might not guarantee success and majority of the people will be aware of how our democratic process runs and possibly we might restructure our Govt Mechanism of working

How I wish:

If there was 'None of the Above' option during elections so that the wrong people dont have the chance to stand up in elections...

Also not all Individuals(who are 18 and above) should be given the right to vote.

To become eligible to vote one must successfully complete an Exam of 'How democracy Works' and on what grounds a particular Candidate should be elected

All Anna asking is, everybody (including Prime Minister) should be held liable for corruption.Government should be fine with this.It is a win-win Situation for all of us

Anna might even be Wrong but he has managed the people to come together to fight against Corruption least we can do is support him by any means possible.

Lets Not Corruption decide the Fate of our Nation.. Let Nation decide the Fate of Corruption.

Proud to be an Indian and always will be... Jai Bharat Jai Hind

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  1. Personally, I don't support Anna at all. I think it's all a farce..

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