Monday, October 3, 2011

Power Of Ignorance

"We will easily Clear up the exam, just if we start studying a week before", is what the mindset of most of the students in today's Era and in case we pass out these exams with flying colors we consider this as mystical(or some other might), without considering the facts behind it.

At times most of you people must have missed your flight or have been late to onboard a Train, Initially you must have cursed yourself.. but later on when you came to know that the Flight you were going to Onboard has been Crashed or the Train on which you were going to travel has been Crashed, you might have considered that some divine power is there helping you, ignoring the actual facts.

If ever been to Chennai or any Southern Part of India, you will probably be aware of  rash driving of the Bus Drivers. Dont know why they drive it in that manner, may be some are precise with their driving or else maybe they might just do it for the thrill, but this ignorant nature Causes death of 3000-4000 people across India, so just dont ignore the fact by replacing it with some mystical Power, try to stay in reality.Just because you are very spiritual you cant walk the Road Eyes closed.The Physical existence is ruled by the physical laws.

The Tsunami came and thousands of people died, but the fisherman who were on the Ocean Survived, while the people who are on the Coastal region died, its not mystical that the fisherman on Ocean Survived, the reason is because they have been at that place since long, the deeper the understanding of the place the better you get to live.

If you are in Chennai  the deeper you understand of how the City functions and what happens and how the Chennai drivers drive and what is the intention of the State transport Bus driver, the chances of your Survival are better,but not guaranteed.

If you want to live on a Coast, you need to understand the Ocean..the Ocean is always trying to engulf you and when the tide comes, you know you have to walk back and so you need a better understanding of the whole thing.The fish that lived in the Ocean had this understanding, the Animals which lived in this coast had this understanding..But somehow Human Beings failed to have this understanding and hence they had to pay.
Tsunami gave  7- 8 Hours of warning , but we didnt heed to it, we didnt had the necessary instrument in place, we didnt had any kind of early warning when it came it looks like God's act....

Incase you had a ringside view of a Tsumani, you must have said to yourself ,"fantastic scene"

If people didnot die, it would have been a fantastic event and maybe we would have built a stadium 1 km aside , sat there and watch the damn thing coming...But because we are senseless its a tragedy.

Tsunami itself is not a tragedy, Human Ignorance is always a tragedy...its the power of Ignorance

Learn to handle Ordinary as Ordinary, instead of making them mystical.

People are trying to desperately make Simple situations of life Mystical.It is because of this there is no responsible action in the World.

Now theres a war happening , just because someone said ,"God came in My dreams and told me to do so"...If you would have looked after the issues involved , you would have looked after the solution too


  1. nice article.. being realistic is necessity of time...

  2. very true observations............ thank u for tagging me