Thursday, May 3, 2012


Whatever you do in your life , has its own consequences.It doesnot matter whether you are a right or a wrong person, if you try to jump from a Building you will face the same consequences.Whatever actions we have  taken, has its own unknown attribute  in due course of time.We might get the outcome sooner or later.If we steal, lie or Cheat it definetly will have a bad consequences on you sooner or later... Whatever you are right now, is because of the decisions you have made it in the past.Well reading this post , makes it too obvious but yet you were still unaware of it.We all have enemies and friends and we just sort out people  with whom we find the comfort Zone....But in the end we don't understand that we all are the same and yet we think we all are unique. Whatever bad  or  Good you are going to do to others , the same is going to come to you eventually , maintaining the very much Equilibrium or Righteous and Wrongeous.Its upto you to decide how you treat yourself and others. We live in this Concrete Jungle these days, complaining about n number of this and hoping some other to take the Ownership/leadership for the same. When someone succeeds, you try to take the credit for it.... but if somebody fails it the other way around.People always have an Eye on you hoping that you make a mistake and even a smallest of small Mistake becomes a big Ruckus. When you are poor you Observe the way Rich People treating you as empty handed and when you are Rich you feel as if you Own the World and yet you feel you dont have plenty. Comman reason why Bulls and Cows  are considered Sacred or Holy is all because Bulls helps the farmer in cultivation,Transportation and its dung is used for fertilizing the land. While Cows on other hand are well known for its milking.

We have our own selfish motive by calling Cows or Bulls Holy or Sacred.If that was not the cause they definetly must have ended up in Slaughter House. We all have selfish Motive behind every work we perform.

I guess selfishness is required to get your work done around.The Dog is loyal and humble towards Humans because of its selfishness.It doesnot want to be extinct going against Human Beings, like Tigers or Cheetahs.

We are like the CEO's mismanaging the Awesome Company called Earth, all because we have the ability to think, reasoning out , etc.

Just imagine if only we had Magical Slate somewhere in the Universe , which had every Instructions on "How things works in the Universe" , it wouldnt must have been much of a fun. Life would be so perfect that we would'nt love it in the first place.

There are people who are going to talk nonsense about you, just dont let those things feed in your mind.I know its difficult, but reacting to such stupid comments will lead you no where...only reason they are doing this is because either you are better then them or they can't withstand your success.

 Hang out with people who have thoughts and words Clear as a Water, learn from your mistakes, get dirty sometimes, try to adapt to people with whom you are uncomfortable and try to understand why you are uncomfortable.

Just keep it simple, follow the logic and Karma will unwind things for you 

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