Sunday, June 10, 2012

The IT Crowd

I was on a call with one of my Collegue as there was some X issue, some Client was facing and suddenly what I Heard in the background was like "Vishal doesnot do any Work simply writing big mails".I felt bad at that moment, the one who trained me and was friendly with me was talking like this behind my back.I was dumbstruck.Also scared as he was the Senior and would influence other Senior Members on that.

As you know what people say "An Eye on eye makes the whole World blind".

 Then i looked at one of my Sticky Notes, i kept on my cubicle: "What Others think about you, is none of my Busniess"

That was easy to see on a piece of paper, but at that moment of time, I was having difficulty digesting those sentence. The Person whom I respected a lot, who trained me was talking like this about me.It was wrong ,he was wrong to say that.Whatever Job was given to me I do it promptly in my Domain, mistakes are involved, but who doesn't make mistakes ? Mistakes are what makes you learn.I didn't confront him, as I know he has seen me and knows the real me.

Its stings when people talk like that or when you dont get the credit for your Work.I have learnt it the hard way.But whatever goes around comes around. The moment I rethink about that scenario, I say to myself forget it , he must have his own reasons to say it.Maybe its his way of releasing stress, blaming on others,Maybe he is doing twice or thrice the work as I am ...God knows what. But this is not the first time.I have seen this many times, with differnt kinds of people.I wouldn't mind if a fool is talking like that, but i wouldn't expect a Guy with an  good Experience in his Domain talking like this.

I have forgotten about it and I still consider him as a good friend /good mentor of mine as he tells we What right things to do. I know I am doing my work , giving my 100% and getting wiser with experience.The reason I meant to share this with my dear Readers is because I want people to know that whatever you say good or bad is  going to effect you and others around you .Maybe either Inspire you or throw you  or others in a deep pit.One should not care what others have to say about you.

I know i know , its difficult, pretty much like waking up in the early Morning, but once you master this and control your Sub Concious Mind. You can accomplish anything in life :)

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