Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Free Lunch

You dont get something for nothing.You might find  the easy way out , which really will end up being the tougher way(No Exception). Getting Something will be time-consuming, you might take time to analyze things and it will be painful. You need to have patience to get work done. You need to take calculated -risks and risks does not mean behaving irresponsibly. In life not making an attempt is often a bigger mistake than making the attempt and failing. At times problems will be so big that you simply feel that quitting is the easiest way out. People fail not because  they lack knowledge  or talent but because    they quit. Be brave for 10 more minutes and you'll be surprised with your own end results. Learn from your past mistakes and dont hesitate on/from making mistakes and  become the superior person from within. No matter how many times you fail to get your Lunch, always remember failure is just a detour and not a dead end. It will delay your outcome and experience is the name we give to our mistakes. Gain knowledge from experience. The more you gain knowledge the more you will realise the fact that "What areas you are ignorant in". A person who thinks he knows everything has most to learn. Ignorant people dont know that "they dont know".  Realise the areas you are ignorant, be willing to work on it and learn more from your experience.

Always remember in life there is no Free Lunch, you will always have to work for it to attain it.

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