Sunday, May 5, 2013

Managing Change...

Change is a part of life. Not all changes are improvement, but is mandatory for one to grow. Don't settle being in for a comfortable zone , as being comfortable is one of the most dangerous zone that will hinder your growth. Try out new things, start taking calculative risks. Either if you succeed or fail , take it as an experience and keep on upgrading yourself everyday. Take one step at a time. Its like accumulating small amount of money everyday in your bank and one day you reap the benefits from the compounded interest rate and all of the sudden you are rich. Life is meant to be rich by itself. Invest your energy in something new , that will help you grow, even in your sufferings.  Accumulate pain and channelize it in a proper format. Giving up is easy. Getting things done needs persistence, patience and willpower. Today, I am learning new things and believe me its not an easy thing to do but once you get used to it, youl be the best with the least competitors... I wish you all the best Managing change in your Lives 

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