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True Love

This is something inSeperable, just like one cannot  seperate Heat and light from fire or sugar without sweetness, like that the nature to Love is a Natural Intrinsic feeling within every Living beings.Within Animals also there is Wonderful expression of Love for instance A Dog  Caressing her pups or Cow nurturing her Calf with her sackful of Milk with no expectation.Whenever there is threat destined on a Son, youll find that the Mother will go to any extreme.Like this we find that this is all pervading within a Mother and A Child
between Brothers or Brother and Sister
father and Son and so on.

This feeling of Love, which is something so special, that we want to hold on to.We  never want it to let it go.We want that all the  Loving relationships become stronger and stronger, so that the love Increases and we want it to last really long.We all want Loving relationships to be more active and that relationship to grow deeper and deeper and last really long , but its always not possible because after all we are living in this Material World in this high paced society constantly upgrading ourselves with latest technological or Management  Knowledge just to Survive.We all have heard Survival of the fittest and to be the fittest, all of them are trying to Master over each other, nobody wants to be the Servant or Submissive.Your Team Lead might order you to do this with no regards whether you are really be interested to do that specific task or your Manager will tell your Team Lead to force Members to get this task completed , even though your Team Lead wont be liking it.

In todays world  when we are Karmi's(Working Class) we Love others with expectation of something from others.Because of this we are seeing lots and Lots relationships breaking up, divorce rates going up in ITes and BPO especially in Bangalore, just because they are not happy with each other.

There are so many attempts done by the opposite sexes to find their Love.But the Unfortunate part of this is there are so many false Love, which includes its own Challenges, Especially with the Youth.We actually want to Love Somebody and want to be loved by somebody and we want to go all extent to develop that relation but then, we find that it is not lasting , there are disturbances and  we find that even if it lasts, its shallow, expensive.

So my Question to you all, Is it really possible to experience True Love?

PS: True Love here is not on context with only boy and a Girl , It can be between Father and Son/Daughter, Mother and Son/Daughter, Between Brother or Sisters.

Yes we can experience True Love. The very first point we have to Key In  is have

No  Expectations:
Sometimes in Life a Father may expect his Son to become a Big Doctor or Engineer, but his Sons Inclination might be totally different which might cause disturbance in the relationship between Father and Son.Having Expectation in Workplace, like Manager having that this particular Employee will complete all my tasks and when its not fulfilled Professional relationships go haywire.In reality the Situation makes us Expect from someone and vice-versa. Just imagine if we have no Expectation with whom we are close with, will we experience disappointment?


When we are on the top everyone Likes us.The Moment we are pulled down due to time, place and circumstances very few people stand besides us.Identifying them and treasuring them is one of the most important things in Life.If nobody is besides you just remember there this Almighty Lord or Supreme Personality of Godhead always with you loving you with no expectation , but you too make an Habit to reciprocate to God's Love.Donot pray him only when you have some Material desires, pray his all the time, Thank him for whatever you have. He has much better plans then you have for yourself.

I have seen people when people suffer in their current circumstaces , they approach God.In a way its good, but approaching only when you are in Problem is not right.God has feelings to.

 Krishna in Bhagvad Geeta says "Surrender Onto me, I shall free you from all these Material Sufferings"'

What are these Material Sufferings?

Lord Liberating you from the Cycle of Birth Death Oldage and Disease is the highest form of transdental Love you will ever get.

Accept the one as He/She is and help He/She to Improve on it

Accept the fact that,Your Mother, Father, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Brother or Sister, Son or a Daugher get Angry/Sad/depressed for all silly reasons and make that understand what aspect needs to be improved.

At times you might need to show the right level of anger to the Right person at the right place and the Right time and it should be controlled.

Have Patience, If you feel that you need to Change yourself , Go For it.

Mutual Understanding plays a Key Role in this case.

The Supreme God having differnt names for differnt people is So mercyful and accepts us as we are and gives us a  freewill to be his friend  with his full patience.But our Love toward Material desire is so Strong that we want Bodily Comfort , without caring for what our Soul actually needs.We donot understand that once Soul in Nurtured we will come to know the absolute Truth.

We are actually Spiritual beings with Human Experience. We still dont understand that this body is temporary and this bodily relationships are also temporary. Even though our Relationships are Awesome with everyone, there is one factor that is going to end these relationship, that is Death,  death will come to everyone of us sometime and at that time all the relationships will be lost.

The true love everyone has experienced is that of a mother/Father and son.They serve and care so much that they have no expectation.But that is not always the case,they have internally some expectation like , tommorw when I grow Old , My Son/Daugther will take care of me or he will fulfill my desires.. so there is some ambition, there is some desire, there is some expectation also..In ideal case you might find some relationships with no expectation thats quite difficult.

True Love is like Whether the person cares for me or not, he or she is going to be my beloved.Its very rare to find relationships like this, probably in movies youll find such relationships.

If you have experienced True Love or came across such , please do let me know I will be fortunate to meet you personally.

But one thing is for certain to experience True Eternal Love that is with the Supreme Lord we need to get ourselves Self-Realized.Once we experience it, we will know the real fact about the absolute Truth.

Hope you enjoyed reading my new article on True Love.Please do  provide me your precious comments or feedback that will help me to become a better writer.

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