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OverComing Anger

What is Anger?
It is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or Hostility.
It can be said a response to a frustration, a sudden or a violent displeasure which sometimes makes you to retaliate.

Lets try to understand what happens when we get Angry. Face is an index of the mind.When we see an angry man we can make out by his face.

So Lets see the manifestation of Anger.

What happens to

 The Toungue--- It starts doing insults, ready to curse
 The Hands--- Are ready to fight
 The Legs--- Are ready to either run or Kick

 The Mind--- You feel that everything is going against you, even the smallest point which  is not in agreement with  you, you make a Mountain of a Whole and your Mind stops working.You fail to discriminate what is Right, What is Wrong. In a fit  of Rage, in an impulse, we end up doing something ending something and then we regret.

Have you experienced this?

I am very much sure almost everyone of you reading this must have experienced this, where at a point you might have got extremely angry and lost control on your senses.

Your Heart starts pounding, sometimes you start sweating, all the adrenaline, non andrenaline Hormones starts rushing in your veins, which makes sure that you either Fight or Flight.

It is said in Bhagvad Geeta when your body becomes angry your all your body starts manifesting a symptom that is very very unfavorable.

One out of four People feel that , they should not really get angry.Such kind of People are short fused.Long relationships are broken, just because of Outburst of Anger.Relationships are easily getting broken.

 64% of the people agree that they are getting angrier, they are getting more restless, its all because of frustration. We talk about so many technology, media which is easily accessible to the mass of people, on the downside people are actually loosing their mental strength.They are loosing their moral values. Although we have all kinds of Messenger, watapps etc, people are getting more and more Hostile.

In anger you not only harm yourselves, but you harm others around you.

Lets now Try to Understand the Cause of Anger

We will find wonderful analysis given by Krishna in the Bhagvad Geeta

Krishna says anger arises on the contemplation of sense Objects second chapter verse Number 62

                                                        dhyayato vishayan pumsah 
                                                            sangas teshupajayate 
                                                            sangat sanjayate kamah 
                                                             kamat krodho 'bhijayate

It simply refers when a man contemplates on Sense Object,  he develops attachment and that attachment when it becomes more intensified, it results in Lust or intense desire and when that Lust or intense desire is not fulfilled , you get  angry. Desire is the Younger Brother of Anger.

When desire is not fulfilled Anger erupts.

   Now lets refer to the below FlowChart on how Anger arises.

 When we Contemplate on Sense Objects , we develop attachment to it, when attachment is not fulfilled,  our Memory gets bewildered on the wrong path or our Memory decreases, because of that we are in Delusion  and finally we loose our Intelligence, we cant distinguish between what is Right, what is Wrong, What is good or Bad and we fall. We all have experienced this , and Krishna has beautifully explained this with very good Analysis.

Lets have an activity make sure you have a Pen and Paper along with you. i am going to write to a Story  pertaining to our topic your job is to map the below story with the above Workflow Chart Diagram  and get to Know how the Analysis of Krishna is Perfect. So lets start the name Topic of the Story is
                                                              Acid Rage

You can see the picture of the girl, before and AfterShe was attacked by a fellow classmate with is a very sad story, I came across this.This girl her name is Lakshmi.She was from a below middle class background and she was  from Tamil Nadu and with great difficulty she managed to  get a seat in Madhurai medical College and that was a  very momentous ocassion for their family, because for the first time somebody is going to be the doctor in their family and she joined the college.In college what happens is, in the premises there is a common canteen where all the boys and girls come together and have their meals together. So shes going to the classes attending all the lectures on Anatomy, on BioChemistry, Phsiology these are all the subjects.So as a part of their lab they divide the students  into ten.In her batch was a boy called Rahul, but this boy was also from a similar background and his father was a tailor, with great difficulty sacrificing his comfort zone and making savings, taking a bank loan of five lakhs, managed to get a Seat and it was similar ocassion of Joy seeing that a tailors Son is going to become a doctor. This boy was having a friends circle in the boys Hostel who were from a little affluent background. and they were  all more or less having girlfriends and they  used to spend their  weekends with their girlfriends, going by to nearby joints etc.Because he had this kind of friends he also had a desire that he should also have a Girlfriend and becacuse she was a Girl from the similar background, he started making some advances to strike a relationship.He tried his best by presenting her a Rose, getting her a cadbury and all types of things and this  girl because she was Pious and background where there is fearful of parents and well cultured, she didnt had any such inclinations to  be in a relationship that is pre-marital affiar.The boy kept on insisting but she refused  consistently.He was seeing that his friends are enjoying, they are having bikes and taking girlfriends on the back and roaming and he had nobody.So he felt that if he cant have this Girl then let me teach her a lesson that nobody should get attracted to her because she has made my Love  a failure and this boy acting foolishly forgetting the purpose what he has come for the medical college, forgetting the ambitions of his parents and not concerned about the future that he will ruin his Career, ruin his studies everything, he thought a way of disfiguring her face, what he ended up doing was this, he brought  a bottle of Sulphuric acid and while she was returning back after having dinner from mess, that he throwed acid on her face in a very secluded place covered with trees, after that she had gone through tremendous suffering, she has to do lots of plastic surgeries, first of all she is coming from a family where there is poverty and she couldnot afford all these and she lost ambition in her life, shes disfigured and she was hospitulized , fortunately she didnot get hurt and this boy was arrested, his studies got discontinued, brought great shame to his family and this boy was later on Lamenting ''why did this all happened?, what went wrong? why did I do like this?"'

So make a flow chart as per the what you read above and try to map it with the above flow chart that is with respect to 'Contemplation of Sense Object', attachment, undesired fullfillment, anger etc., fitting as per the analysis of Krishna

So Most of you must have noted down your points in a paper, here is the below things most of you must have jolted down,

Here the Girl is the Sense Object. The Guy wanted to enjoy girl because he was influeced by his friends circle and she was within her status. Because of his friends Influence he got attached and attachment to desire and since the girl was not agreeing and his desire was not fulfilled, his undesired lust turned into anger,
because of Anger, the guy was in dellusion making his own mental speculation , as ' what this girl thinks about herself'','Am I so ugly' etc instead of focusing on studies and his memory started detoriating and finally when he lost his intelligence he did the stupidity of pouring acid on girls face.

Also think you must have gone through such scenarios where you just lost anger and you fall down, may be your Job, relationships etc.

Theres another factor that needs to be deliberated when  we are trying to understand anger and that is influence of a Guna called RajoGuna also Known as Mode of Passion which leads to Anger.

What are these Gunas?
These are three chareteristics by which Material Nature, she influences the conciousness of the Jeeva and she does it by three ways
Satvaguna----> Mode of Goodness
Rajoguna---> Mode of Passion
Tamoguna---> Mode of Ignorance

It must by very much clear that people in mode of Passion has much more desires and when their desires are not fullfilled  anger develops.Our bodies actually are combination of these three modes,because of these combination of Gunas  some sleep more, some eat more, some wake up early, some get angry easily etc.

Nobody is having only one Guna, its all a mixtures. These Modes are also influenced by the food we eat, For instance to be in Satvaguna or Mode of Goodness we can have fruits or where we stay for example if we stay in forest we will be in the mode of goodness

Mode of Goodness are those who are inclined towards charitable work, spirtual realization, Mantra meditation etc

As all of you are staying in town you are either in the Mode of Passion or Ignorance, Passionate people do more and more materiastic work try to get fame, name money compete with others.

Ignorant Mode just dont care they go to a Bar, Brothel, do drugs etc.

so here itself you have your answer on how to control anger . From Rajogna we need to be more inclined to  Satvaguna.

Having Higher percent of Satvaguna in our Guna will desire to what extent we will get anger, We will have all the three modes, but we have to make sure that Satvagunas percentage is more.

Being in Satvaguna means having mostly satvic food mostly Organic Raw Food and being must inclined towards Spirtuality thus satisfying the Soul and keeping Lord in the Center for almost everythimg.

So now you know the secret try to inculate being in the Mode of Satvaguna,  which will in reality help reduce anger within you

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