Saturday, November 21, 2009

Death--An unpredictable part of life

Laali was dead and doctors couldnt do any more. Despite of multiple attempts and almost making her reach her to a normal phase, she eventually died of a major heart attack.The news
later on that day, that the death of a 2 month old abnormal infant spread like a wild fire
on the outskirts of Rajasthan ,Jaiselmer.
Rolling back in time Basant Paliwal kept on thinking where he went wrong, while on the other side her wife kept on weeping for her lost daughter who was just 2 months old.The death of an abnormally born infant with two faces was terribly a shock for all the members within Jaiselmer.All the people were unaware that she was admitted to Chakala hospital prior to her death.
Her wife recalls the day when Laali was born ,all the family members were astonished with the abnorminality this infant had. Being religious all the elders in the family thought it as an reincarnation of Goddess Durga , the godess of destruction.
The delivery of the child , like most of the people in jaiselmer,was in the slum itself.But the abnormality made them rush towards nearby hospital Chakala. The baby was kept in incubation for four hours and later she was declared the healtiest baby in jaiselmer born so far having a good body weight .
Belonging to a lower caste peasant family Lali was feeded with diluted milk and some sugary sucrose liquid most of the time and often left alone as they went to havest their crops.
Dr. Shreekrishna Shetty from Bangalore who often used to volunteer for chakala hospital( As it was deprived from the best medical faculty) came to know about the abnormal infant, Lali born in a peasant family from one of his collegues.He with his medical kit decided to pay a visit to Lali and her family.The slum being was dewelled by mosquitos ,doctor became very much aware that the survial of the infant under this condition would be almost impossible. After having a routine checkup, Dr Shetty saw the symptoms of eye infection in cornea which would have probably lead the infant to blindness in the near future.
On Questioning Basant Paliwal, Dr came to know that diluted milk and sucrose liquid was the main reason for the infants weight loss and unhealthy living.


  1. i hve seen dis story b4 on discovery...nice though....

  2. ya that documentary is wat inspired me to write this but the one i am writing is totally diiferent all the charecters and resembelence are fictitious :P

  3. Disheartening to see that what people go through in our country. They don't even get the basic necessities.

    And this adulteration is such a big problem, not only among the poor but also the riches. the government is just ineteresting in filling their own pocket and do not stop inhuman activities like this.

    Great post