Monday, December 7, 2009

Is it love or just a stupid... crush...

What do you know about Love??

Just because one likes the others company doesnt mean one is in love with that person..just a mutual attraction of opposite sex
...Just imagine you have a secret admirer who likes you for your looks,attitude,money or whatever might be the reason and that admirer is your good buddy/collegue/neighbour/professor or whatever, proposes you the next day.The "I LOVE YOU" string sounds very tempting to accept and most people do make the mistake of accepting it and ofcourse very few are lucky in it,but the fact remains 'is it really a love or just a crush'.
You see a person and start feeling shy,your face becomes red and you probabaly have the feeling of embarrasing yourself in front of him or her..

Most of the time you might get a feeling of running away and hiding yourself or might just end up confronting the person about your feelings

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