Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nobody's dumb

Dumb really sounds irritating when the person being referring to is you.

Ever thought why would he/she be saying that
-->To make you a better person in this competitve world
-->Just to prove his/her superiority
-->to keep your morale down so that he/she can control you

-->He might also be stubborn in such a manner to ignore other ideas and views

whenever anybody calls you dumb just give him/her a warm smile(or ignore the remark,ignoring seems to work most of the time :P ) because the moment you hear that word you see that people being frank with you ,whether it be professionalwise or on friendly basis
or just to show an affection of your innocence...
The moment human were born we were the weakest of all in terms of animal chain and see now only one thing has helped us create global warming,pollution,diseases,stress. And all thanks goes to being dumb in life

Better be dumb then being sorry.The thing that might really help you succeed in life is being dumb in experimenting new things like for instance flying a plane with no training .

It really might sound like a dumb idea to fly a plane with no knowledge,but you just might be the one to prove it wrong

A dumb dog crossing a road is like cleaning the mess up to some extent...and that mess is given by the formula

Cleaning up mess=total population-population

God knows whether these dumb dogs willl be in charge of controlling speed limits in Highways or not

We must thank lord for making most of the blondes in this world Dumb,With a blank face and a whole lot of makeup and with one wicked smileee can make the whole world hypnotized.

In other words you can say it as person addicted to an idiot box(as long as the cable connection is on )

Just remember one thing being everyone is dumb and everyother person thinks that the other person is dumb and this is the only reason competiveness,jealousy,greed has been bestowed upon us ,just for one reason "Being Dumb ".


  1. hey it was good topic n u did a great blog kya 3 idiots se jada spirit mila tujhey. nyways u did nice creation.

    I will rate for u 7 out of 10.