Saturday, June 5, 2010


My Eyebrows were involuntarily coming down as it was 2 am in the Morning,but alas it was my night shift and i couldnt simply sleep of..

I was busy Nibbling some Parle-G buiscuits (that was brought by one of my Co-Employee) and monitoring some applications and mails for hours just to make sure that everything is within stable zone.

Suddenly a Phone rang and i picked it up.

"Hello , My ids locked i am unable to access my laptop is there any problem with the server..."

"Can you provide me with your emp code...", i replied.

"What do you mean , i am the director of !@#@$#%,dont you recognise me".

The name Director literally made me fumble up some words....

"Si..sir ,wha..ats you...r user-id"

"Well its !@@#@@",replied the guy...

His problem was resolved and he complimented with a simple thanks.

Later on i rethought why was i fumbling and then came the thinking cloud with the answer the word Director...

But again a thinking cloud popped out from my brains, "But why was i not fumbling ,before he mentioned the word Director..."

Again the answer came "Because you treated him like a Human Being"...

The very next day i discussed about this with my senior in the canteen and he simply told me

"We are paid here for work and not because we respect matter whats the disguise.You are a fresher right now,but gradually you'll imporvise ,the key factor in order to work in disguise is to be confident in every modes of life..."

I did agree that i do have a little lack of confidence as this was my first job in any corporate sector and wanted do my level best..

That day reminded me of my junior college when i used to be a football player of the FYJC Science stream...

We used to challenge the Commerce students most of the time and used to win most of the matches and maximum because of me.

But suddenly Ones Coach shortlisted me for intra-college match the word intra-college was so freaking me out, that i was not even able to playing properly and thus was substitued for some other guy.

Ofcourse our team won.Even i go the Winning certificate.

At that day i realised that my lack of confidence will really cause me Hinderence in the walks of my life.So i decided to ignore all sorts of diguises ...But as all say "BAD Habits are not easy to leave"

Now i realise this whole world is a disguise..In technical programming terms "Very -well Encapsulated.." and from there on originates attitude ,ego, pride, self-esteem ..blah blah,blah

Some with cultural diguise and you might here some words depicting pride within it, which at some point might be an irritation to others such as the terminology

"Marathi manus ahe....!@#$#"

"Marwadi hu , ek paisa karch nai....."

"Punjabi hu yaar...tujse toh acha hi hu...."

Qualification Disguise.....bcom, BE, MCA,MSC etc..

But the thing i realised that even an Uneducated person who thinks that he's being treated like an animal at some point can break such kind of disguises and prove to the world that ones wrong

At some point I do agree that one who dont disguise themselves ,wont be able to survive the very torture of the real World...

But the thing is I really dont care a damn about this fuckin World..No matter how much it will be torturing me in future

people who still know me by my name and not by my mere Designation,Skills,Hobbies or looks, I will be there for them..

I am pretty much sure and confident that someday i will be a big Man with some good post and a better disguise where people will always be respecting me for my disguise and not for the real me..

But i will pretty much be the same even if the President of India Stands and chats with me.... The only thing i will be doing will be prefixing the word Sir instead of calling him by name and not only be in love because of his Designation,but also for the kind of person he is.

Well Disguise is a Complimentary gift ones you have done all the Hardwork(not donkey work.. :P )


  1. gud topic...........its gud that u dont have a disguise for frnds..........
    nice blog........keep it up
    never change urself for anyone........

  2. nic 1 vishal its a real fact.. u sld b d way ur ... don change 4 ne1...

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  4. Cool one vishal this topic must be read by every1
    good job i am proud of you dude..........

  5. good one vish....b urself u r too good trust me...dnt change urself for neone

  6. Good one, All of us live behind disguises. Not sure why, maybe will figure out in due course in time.

  7. masked human beings are we- being straight forward to perfection is a myth. you rightly summed up. good one.